Jan 312014
January monthly empties and mini-reviews

January felt like a better month for blogging than December. I definitely got up more posts, but I’m still struggling at posting regularly. It’s definitely the picture-taking. I could easily give my opinion if I didn’t want pictures to go in the posts. I didn’t finish many products this month, so my empties bucket was […]

Jan 012014
December monthly empties and mini-reviews

So apparently my last post was November empties. I had lots of stuff going on this month, but just no motivation to blog at all. Hopefully with the new year, I will have new motivation. This month I had a pretty full empties basket, with a number of large bottles leaving my shower. Aveeno Skin […]

Oct 012013
September monthly empties and mini-reviews

This month I used up a lot of products. Going through my empties basket, I realized I should have taken notes or started this post during the month because there are a few things I really had to dig to remember. The Good These are products that I liked. H20+ Aquafirm & Micro-Collagen Moisturizer – […]