Oct 052015
Monthly Empties: September 2015

I really didn’t mean to take a week break, but I hurt my shoulder when I grabbed the railing to stop myself from falling down the stairs last Monday, and it resulted in a lot of downtime last week. I’m starting to feel better, and so now I can get to the posts I had […]

Aug 022015
Monthly Empties: June and July 2015

I didn’t post my empties for June since I was away on vacation at the time, but I saved everything to combine into this month’s post. As a result, it seems like I have a ton of empties to share. See? So many products, starting with 3 sets of shampoo and conditioner. I really loved […]

May 042015
Nail art: Frozen Inspired Nails

I love the movie Frozen. I’m sure most people do. Two of the nail polishes I bought a while ago from RoseRoseShop really reminded me of the movie, so I had to do a nail look that corresponded. There isn’t much art to this nail art, but the combination of polishes is pretty. My index […]