Oct 052015
Monthly Empties: September 2015

I really didn’t mean to take a week break, but I hurt my shoulder when I grabbed the railing to stop myself from falling down the stairs last Monday, and it resulted in a lot of downtime last week. I’m starting to feel better, and so now I can get to the posts I had […]

Apr 302015
Monthly Empties: April 2015

This month, my empties bucket seems very empty. I did manage to finish some products, but not as many as most months. First up, some body products. I finished a homemade suger scrub I received for Christmas. It was wonderfully exfoliating. I also finished my Mary Kay vanilla berry hand cream, and it makes me […]

May 312014
Monthly Empties: May 2014

Like I mentioned yesterday, May flew by super fast. When I went to check my empties basket this month, I really couldn’t remember what I had thrown into it. I feel like I tried a lot of new items this month, but couldn’t remember using anything enough times to finish it. The basket looks like […]