Jan 012015
Monthly Empties: December 2014

It’s the first day of 2015! Before we get into new beginnings and such, I need to wrap up 2014 with my December empties. There is a lot to get through. My bucket is right full this month, and it feels awesome. I love having lots of empties because it helps reinforce that I am […]

Dec 012014
Monthly Empties: November 2014

It’s the end of November already. I feel like I say that every month, but it’s true. Time just goes so quickly. November was filled with lots of fun times with a really good trip home. I also managed to finish a lot of products, which quite surprised me. My bucket is right full! And […]

Nov 142014
What's in my Suitcase

Eek! Today’s the day I leave to go to Ontario for a 10 day trip home. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it much here, but I had an opportunity to go home to Ontario for a visit, and I jumped on it. I leave tonight for an overnight flight, arriving tomorrow morning. I’m staying mostly […]

Jun 302014
Monthly Empties: June 2014

It’s the end of June, which means it’s time to share my empties. I had a pretty big collection of empties this month, which is good since I also received a ton of products. I had quite a few products, and I grouped them into like types. I finished 3 masks this month, all of […]

May 312014
Monthly Empties: May 2014

Like I mentioned yesterday, May flew by super fast. When I went to check my empties basket this month, I really couldn’t remember what I had thrown into it. I feel like I tried a lot of new items this month, but couldn’t remember using anything enough times to finish it. The basket looks like […]

May 202014
Review: Simple Facial Wipes, Foaming Cleanser and Replenishing Rich Moisturizer

I’ve heard lots of good things about Simple face products. I previously had a small sample pack of the facial wipes, which appeared in my March favourites. So when I got the opportunity to try more Simple products, I jumped at the chance. I received Simple Facial Wipes, Foaming Cleanser and Replenishing Moisturizer. These three […]

Mar 312014
Monthly empties: March 2014

Another month done, and another bucket of empties to share. This has been a great month: personally, blog-wise, and product-wise. Aussie Miraculously Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner – I really like Aussie in general, and this line in particular. I’ve found that my hair is smoother and less frizzy since I started using it. I actually […]