Jun 132016
Letter E nail art: Formula X in Extraordinary, Mary Kay in Exotic Orchid, and Joe Fresh in Eggplant

Would it surprise you to hear that my favourite colour is purple? I’m guessing probably not. I try to showcase lots of colours here, but knowing that I’m always drawn to purple means I probably use products in that range more. Why am I mentioning this? Because my letter E nail art is mostly purple […]

Jun 102016
Review: Mary Kay Lash Intensity Mascara

The summer collection from Mary Kay has lots of great products, but one product that I was really excited to try was the Lash Intensity Mascara. I know that mascara isn’t usually innovative or exciting, but this one has a cool shaped brush. The packaging for the mascara is rather bulky. It’s a black plastic […]

Jun 082016
Review: Soufeel Summer Necklace

When most people think of jewelry charm companies, they associate them with bracelets and holidays. But charms can be used for more than just bracelets, and they make great gifts year round. I’ve worked with Soufeel in the past, and this time, I decided to showcase their products in a more summer appropriate way, with […]